10 Stylish Ideas for a Las Vegas Teen Bedroom Remodel

Just like a Vegas kitchen remodeling, a simple teen bedroom remodel can give your teen the kind of room that reflects his or her personality. You don’t really need an expensive, full bedroom makeover. You just need a few brilliant techniques. Additionally, you can also consult your teen because, at this age, teenagers already have a few good ideas about interior decorating. Just remember to discuss budget limits and features. Use the following ideas when planning a teen bedroom remodel:

Use a Double-Duty Furniture

One good example is a tall bedside table. Commonly, they are within 6 inches of the mattress height. Use one that is a little taller so your teen can also use it as a study table.
Use the Right Paint and Lighting
Remember: Don’t buy paint for the whole Vegas bedroom makeover when you are still unsure about the shade. Get extra-large swatches or samples that you can try out. Additionally use lighting that can best achieve the ambiance that your teen is aiming for.

Refurbish Old Furniture

While shopping for a new bed or nightstand can really be exciting, they can also drill a hole in your pocket. Consider refurbishing old furniture by applying a new finish or replacing old knobs.

Keep Practicality in Mind when Shopping

Your teen might need to move to a dorm room or an apartment when he or she goes to college. So buy things that can be of use in the new place like study lamps, armchairs, and blankets.

Buy Second-Hand Items

Antiques make great accessories. Versatility is key when shopping for antiques. A wire storage is one good example. It can be used to store books or shoes.

Decorate Using Photos

Your teen might want to have pictures of his or her friends or the whole family inside the room. Let them pick the photos then provide a budget for printing and frames or washi tapes.

Redo your Flooring

You can quickly spruce up your home by redoing your Las Vegas wood flooring, at an affordable price.

Bring Indoor Plants

Houseplants can improve indoor air quality, according to Lifehacker. A DIY air plant terrarium or a cactus plant is great for your teen’s room because it requires low maintenance.

Make an Inviting Study Area

Inspire your teen to do the homework by updating the study area. You can put up an inspiration board where they can pin photos and to-do lists. Add task lighting and a chair and table set with the right height.

Get Additional Storage

Bringing in a coat tree or installing wall hooks is an effective way to keep clutter at bay. A dresser table by the door can also help prevent misplacement of keys and tiny items.

Leave Your Bedroom and Vegas Kitchen Remodeling to Experts

MC Mojave Construction can help you with teen bedroom remodel in Vegas. They use high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship so you can be sure you get the best value for your money. They give free estimates, so contact them today.