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Check out our selection of timeless laminate flooring for your Las Vegas home
Check out our selection of timeless laminate flooring for your Las Vegas home

The moment you decide on purchasing any type of laminate flooring Las Vegas there are a few basic and essential information you should know about the material. Among these things are its cost, the maintenance, and how long it would last. Laminates have a range of types; this should be considered along with the particular area you are planning to install the laminates over. This basic list of information will guarantee you that your choice of laminate flooring will be cost-effective and able to withstand the general weather condition of the location it will be placed in.

Laminate flooring is durable, versatile and beautiful, as determined by an article from Floor Coverings International. And we at One Stop 4 Flooring in Las Vegas couldn’t agree more. Being the largest flooring store in the West Coast, we only sell the best laminate flooring Las Vegas, alongside other types of flooring materials. Laminate flooring is also excellent flooring for locations with high traffic. However, there are disadvantages to this type of flooring. Environmental conditions as well as the incapacity of applying another protective coat of finishing makes a lot of homeowners shy away from purchasing laminate flooring.

Laminates are relatively cheap. But you can’t just consider its cost without looking at its value and use. If you’re not yet decided on buying laminate flooring for your home, here are a number of strengths this material have that you should know.

Strengths of Laminate Flooring

We do not only sell laminate flooring in our Las Vegas store; we also offer installation services
We do not only sell laminate flooring in our Las Vegas store; we also offer installation services


According to a survey conducted for a Floor Focus article, the durability of laminates is its most important selling point. And as the article continues, “For active households, it is second only to ceramic for durability. It is resistant to scratches, dents and staining. In other words, it’s able to stand up to abuse from both kids and pets.”


The laminate flooring’s almost realistic look, with the help of today’s advanced flooring technology, does not look any different from hardwood. The amazing realism of laminate flooring is an important trend and can be achievable when using only the highest quality laminates. Of course, in successfully achieving the classic look of laminates, it should be installed properly. Not only do we deliver your laminate flooring in your home, we also offer installation services done by our experienced staff.

Better Décor Printing

The most important factor for the stunning and amazing realism of laminate flooring as of recent times is the continued efforts in improving technology in manufacturing them, most especially its printing. It is believed by most retailers of the product the technology will still advance to great heights and will go on dominating the DIY niche.

Can Be Installed on Most Surfaces

While vinyl flooring has been the more popular choice of people than laminate flooring in Las Vegas, this type of flooring material requires a subfloor. Which means that it is possible for laminates to get ahead of the game in the coming years as laminate flooring can be directly installed without needing a subfloor. This just means that homeowners will only be investing their money in the product itself and not for the preparations needed for the product.

Can Resist Stains

One of its durability characteristics is stain resistance which helps laminate flooring resist even the most stubborn of stains, like hair colorant.

How to Buy Laminate Flooring

In our Las Vegas flooring store, you can find the largest and best selection of laminate flooring
In our Las Vegas flooring store, you can find the largest and best selection of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring in Las Vegas is an amazing addition to your home renovation or construction. Its affordability and durability offers homeowners and contractors great value with their money. As mentioned earlier, the latest manufacturing technologies can now create laminates that not only looks but feels exactly like the type of material they are trying to imitate. But not all types of laminate flooring are created the same and it is possible that not all will adhere to your lifestyle. Being the largest flooring store in Las Vegas, we at One Stop 4 Flooring knows exactly what this means reason why we have our top flooring experts and professionals give you a free assessment of your home together with a free estimate to help you out with all your flooring problems. Our store offers the best prices in Las Vegas when it comes to flooring materials!

But to further guide you into the business of buying laminate flooring, we compiled below a simple checklist:

Check the board thickness

Most of the higher quality products of laminate flooring will be comparatively thick. This factor increases the material’s durability and resistance, and it even makes it look more realistic. In buying laminate flooring, choose the type that has a thicker board as it would feel a lot more persuasive than a thinner one. Ideally, you should be looking for boards that are 8mm to 12mm thick.

Know your visual goals

Before buying any material for your home, you should already have a visual goal prepared in regards to your desired aesthetics and “feel” for the spaces in your home. One question you should look into is, do you want to make your home look bigger and more open? In this case, wide laminate flooring planks are your best bet because of their ability to create some sort of visual effect to make a room seem larger than it is. You can also accomplish the same thing by using lighter colors. Increasing the brightness will create a substantial illusion of a larger room.

Level of traffic in the room

It is true that high quality laminate flooring can endure any area in your home, even the busiest ones, that is why it is such a great addition to your home. But in buying laminate flooring, you should always consider the level of traffic you will be subjecting it to. One Stop 4 Flooring has this covered for you since we offer a free assessment of your home together with a free estimate. If you purchase flooring with lighter colors, it is easier for mud and dirt to appear. On the other hand, darker colored floors are prone to acquire dust and accentuate pet fur and hair.

If one or two of the aforementioned are you worries, we at One Stop 4 Flooring recommend searching for colors that are neutral, like a wooden look for example. Or you could do patterned or textured laminate flooring that mimics either stone or ceramic. Our One Stop 4 Flooring store is the largest flooring store in the West Coast. We make available to you widest range of all flooring materials and the best laminate flooring Las Vegas. We assure you that you can find in our store the laminate flooring of your choice with the highest quality. Of course, cleaning up after a mess is still the best maintenance and care you can give to your flooring. Nothing still beats being tidy around your home!

Consideration of adjacent rooms

It is ideal for you to buy laminate flooring that compliments the adjacent rooms in your house, even if the flooring materials do not match. One of the fashion trends in home design as of recent years is open floor planned residential spaces. You should always give consideration to the surrounding areas in your home so it won’t look disorderly or tacky.

Warranty of laminate flooring

High quality laminate flooring is durable in so many ways and is very easy to install, but you still need to make sure that you get an excellent warranty for it, just in case. Most of the best brands of laminate flooring will have a 30-year warranty. Our store at 6150 W. Flamingo Road in Las Vegas has the best warranties when it comes to flooring materials. If your purchase has any kind of defect or just came off simply unsatisfactory to you, our expert staff is more than willing to work with you in order to meet your demands.

All flooring materials have their pros and cons. Laminate flooring is no exception. While it has more advantages than disadvantages, laminate flooring can still evolve and continue to redefine interior design with today’s technology.

If you are still in knots in choosing hardwood vs. laminate flooring, rest assured our flooring experts at One Stop 4 Flooring are more than willing to offer you sound advice. You don’t even have to make a full payment upfront. We offer our customers the lowest financing rates in Las Vegas, so you only have to worry about flooring ideas and not running out of money. Call us today at (725)200-3000 and let our professionals assess your needs!

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