Wood Flooring Las Vegas: The Pros and Cons

In today’s modern home renovation and interior design trend, many perceive a house with shiny wooden floors as elegant, even grand. But this has not always been the case. Wood flooring Las Vegas only became fashionable during the Baroque Era (1625-1714). Before that, most European houses had only bare or beaten earth as their floor material in the ground floor. If they could afford a second floor, only then would wooden planks and joists would be used. Wood as flooring material only gained considerable attention before the turn of the 20th century, when only the richest of rooms show painted and patterned wood as floors. It eventually garnered fame among the general middle class and has since then been mass produced and was able to attain the popularity that it now holds among homeowners.

Today, wood flooring is considered by most contractors and home builders as an investment because of its durability. Wood can literally last for decades if installed and treated correctly. This is why we at One Stop 4 Flooring here in Las Vegas, do not only sell this sturdy flooring material. We also offer installation and send our most trustworthy and experienced staff to do a perfect job for you. But while other homeowners have a plentitude of praises to say about wood flooring, there are still those who prefer other flooring materials such as stone and tiles which have, on their own, a list of good qualities as well.

Why should you choose wood flooring, you ask? We all know it’s a gorgeous addition to our home, but we don’t blame you if you’re still undecided in choosing wood as your flooring material. It is, after all, a big decision! So to help you with your judgment and better understand wood flooring as a whole, we have compiled a list of pros and cons below.

Advantages of Wood Flooring

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Wood makes any room or space look rich, without a doubt. Some wood flooring, like Pine, develops a rustic pattern with age and use. Others already have an ample and beautiful color from the beginning, which makes the space look warm, classic and a real comfort to your feet. In addition to this, most of the modern homeowners prefer only the best wood flooring Las Vegas over tiles because they find it easier to match wood with any kind of furniture. It is neutral, whereas other flooring materials would require you to follow a certain color palette to achieve a particular décor. Wood flooring can be refinished, sanded or stripped to match whatever furniture you wish to have – may it be steel or plastic. An article from MarketWatch also reveals that hardwood floor beats carpet when selling, which makes it even more admirable!


The best wood flooring Las Vegas can stand the test of time. Other flooring materials, especially carpet, force homeowners to replace them every 5 years because of the accumulated wear and tear which they easily acquire. Wooden floors of the highest quality can last for generations with enough care and maintenance. They are hard and sturdy which makes them tolerant of damage when compared to laminated and engineered floors. Even when they look old and shabby, it is still possible to nurse them back to their original color.

As opposed to other flooring materials, wood is probably the easiest floor covering to keep clean, according to the official website of the National Association of Realtors. With the use of the right cleaning products, you can easily make wood flooring look shiny and polished again.

Alleviates allergies

If you have family members who are sensitive to dust and irritants, you will really appreciate wooden floors. Allergens, like fur from pets and house dust, can build up in other flooring materials, especially the carpet. With wood, these allergens do not have a lot of nooks to hide. Once you vacuum or sweep your wooden floors, you will instantly know that they are clean just by looking at them.


There are ranges of wood flooring materials that are available in any wood flooring store Las Vegas today. But ultimately, the room you will install the wood flooring on will decide which type of wood you should use. Entries and foyers tend to be the formal part of the house. Kitchens and family rooms are common spaces which have the most flow of traffic therefore dark and bleached wood will not fare well. The living and dining rooms, on the other hand, demand a more traditional setting. Dark wood would look classic and formal in these areas. Whatever location you are planning to install wood flooring in, we guarantee you the largest selection of wood flooringat One Stop 4 Flooring.

Disadvantages of Wood Flooring

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Wood flooring, depending on the type, finish and quality, can be much more expensive than other flooring materials. Hardwood floors that are installed on areas with high foot traffic needs to be maintained with polishing every 3-4 years. Occasional re-sanding and refinishing of your wooden floors can be costly. Wood flooring is prone to termite attacks, reason why it also requires costly maintenance for protection and prevention. But if you’re keen on taking regular care of your wood, this would not be a problem for you.

Vulnerable to moisture and humidity

As much as you want to install wood flooring over every part of your house, this is near impossible as wood can shrink or swell depending on the general weather conditions of your location. You should also avoid installing wood flooring in your bathroom or laundry as regular exposure to water seepage can increase the wear and tear of the wood.


Wood flooring, especially older hardwood floors, makes every step loud and detectable. Other sounds in your home are magnified as well when you have wood as your flooring. Some people find this a real bother but you can easily deflect and lessen wood flooring noise by going to a wood flooring store Las Vegas and purchasing an area rug. You can definitely find a rug or area carpet of your choice in One Stop 4 Flooring. We also have the best warranties in Las Vegas and are more than willing to work out any defects of what you purchased with us.

Wood flooring will definitely give your home interior a rich look. True, it may be costly. But consider it an investment in the long run. The interiors of your home will add great value to it if you decide on selling it in the future. While it is undeniably more costly and requires a large upfront payment than other flooring materials, the long-term effects of wood flooring can give back more value than what you have initially paid for.

The factors to consider when choosing hardwood floors can sure be tough. But if your heart is really into buying wood flooring and one or two of these factors are holding you back, One Stop 4 Flooringcan definitely help you out! Aside from having the best prices, we also offer the lowest financing rates in the entire Las Vegas which means you don’t need to make payments upfront. Helping you achieve your dream home is our dream! Visit us at 6150 W. Flamingo Road or call us at (725)0200-3000 and our flooring experts will be delighted to give you a free estimate!